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Video Shows OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Crying After Learning Boyfriend Died

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26-year old OnlyFans content creator Courtney Clenney, who was accused of stabbing her boyfriend Christian Obumseli back on April 3rd,, broke down in tears as detectives informed her of his death in footage from the Miami Police Department’s interrogation, according to the New York Post.

Clenney, who has become one of the successful OnlyFans content creators while posting under the name Courtney Tailor, testified she threw a knife at Obumseli during an argument, which severed an artery and led him to bleed to death which she claimed was in self defense.

During the new footage, Clenney can be heard saying – “Please God, please, please, God … God, Christian, be OK.”

“So, we have to inform you that Christian did not make it,” a plainclothes cop told her in the video.  “The doctors did what they could and…”

Prosecutors say that following the stabbing Clenney wired her father $1.2 million and bought a lavish $1.35 million home near Austin, Texas close to her parents. She was arrested at a Hawaii rehab center she had checked herself into after claiming she suffered a nervous breakdown.

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